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Social Communication Disorders

Children with Social Communication Disorders will have difficulties using language for social purposes, for example holding conversations, telling stories and using figurative language.


We use evidence-based interventions that may focus on understanding ‘unwritten’ social rules, comprehending ambiguous language or regulating emotions.

We are able to carry out assessments, diagnose and see children with Social Communication Disorders.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists describes the following aspects of Social Communication Disorder:

  • Social Communication Disorder has overlapping features with previous clinical terms such as ‘pragmatic language impairment’ and ‘semantic-pragmatic language disorder’

  • Speech and Language Therapist may rely more heavily on parent/teacher reports of communication in everyday contexts and observation of pragmatics in naturalistic contexts

  • Children with Social Communication Disorders are at higher risk of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

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