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Speech Therapy South London supports the development of high-quality speech therapy through PROMPT, and creates increased opportunities for children and adults to access this highly innovative technique.

It is a holistic approach that supports the integration of speech, language, and social communication when one or more of these areas present as a challenge.

SpeechTherapy South London

What is PROMPT Therapy?

PROMPT Philosophy and Approach

PROMPT is an acronym standing for: Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets.


A PROMPT clinician will be able to provide a detailed assessment of an individual’s motor-speech skills so as to identify where the individual’s speech-motor system needs support, development or re-training.

In therapy the clinician will use the PROMPT technique to provide tactile-kinaesthetic support (in the form of touch cues) to facilitate accurate movement of the jaw, lips and tongue to make speech, targeting specific sounds, as well as functional words and phrases.


The chosen targets will allow development of expressive language skills and increasingly effective social communication.

The PROMPT philosophy and approach is unique in its approach to Speech and Language Therapy, since all decisions are guided by the ‘Conceptual Framework’, which is grounded in ‘Dynamic Systems Theory’. It is this framework that allows a clinician to provide a truly holistic, detailed assessment, and then go on to design effective, focused intervention packages.

PROMPT clinicians work dynamically to improve integration of speech, language and social skills within an individual who has challenges in one or more of these areas, so that they can reach their full communication potential.

These videos explains more on ‘Conceptual Framework’
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PROMPT Therapy

A certified PROMPT clinician will use their holistic assessment to enable them to understand and analyse the complex interaction between the individual’s Physical-Sensory Domain, Cognitive-Linguistic Domain, and Social-Emotional Domain. It is extremely important that detailed assessments are carried out in order to accurately identify areas of weakness so that these can be developed through carefully planned activities, games and interactive routines. In this way, therapy can help a child to reach their communication potential.

A PROMPT therapist is able to work effectively across all three domains from a motor perspective.

PROMPT is researched to be a clinically effective treatment for children with Speech Motor Difficulties.

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PROMPT Therapists Levels of Training

Level 4 Instructor Level:

PROMPT instructors are the best trained PROMPT therapists in the world and they are also integral to the mentoring and certification process of other therapists. Collectively there are approximately 60 instructors in the world and they collaborate to continuously develop their skills, continue with ongoing research and provide presentations and numerous conferences.

ROSEMARY NICHOLSON is one of the most highly skilled PROMPT Therapists in the country. 



All clinicians working in Speech Therapy South London are PROMPT trained and receive mentoring.



The PROMPT institute is committed to providing therapists a high level of support and has organised a sequence of training in order to take therapists to the level at which they can become certified.

Level 1 trained:

This Therapist has learnt the basics of how to use the technique and with practice will be able to provide effective input to support development of motor-speech skill. A clinician at this level is able to assess the motor-speech skills of a client.

Level 2 Bridging Trained:

Clinicians who have completed the Bridging level have started to apply the technique at a deeper level and can design more detailed intervention plans addressing the cognitive-linguistic and social-emotional domains.

Level 3 Certified Clinician:

A certified clinician has committed to a high level of mentoring, completed a four month longitudinal study in order to demonstrate their competence in the use of the Approach System and Technique. They have also demonstrated that they have an excellent understanding of the relevant theory.


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Clinic Locations

London Clinic:

3D Hillgate Place

18-20 Balham Hill Rd

SW12 9ER

SpeechTherapy South London

Surrey Clinic:

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