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Therapy for Adults

If you looking to improve your communication whether it is due to speech difficulties, stammering, getting your thoughts out clearly, concerns regarding social interactions for example, or voice disorders then it is important that you seek the right support.

At Speech Therapy South London we will teach you specific skills so that you can further develop your confidence when communicating.

There are many reasons that you might consider Speech Therapy and our team is trained and skilled to offer a variety of services using research based approaches.

We will ensure that you service and bespoke and holistic by using a dynamic system analysis as part of the therapeutic intervention.

At Speech Therapy South London we are equipped to support adults that experience the following.

  • Motor speech difficulties or difficulties pronouncing certain sounds

  • Fluency disorders or stammering

  • Voice disorders

  • Social communication intervention

  • ASD

  • To develop skills using expressive and/or receptive language skills

  • Adults with Learning disabilities


Getting started:

We offer an initial 15 minute complimentary phone call to discuss your referral and gather more information about your specific communication requirements.

You can also book an initial consultations which is the first hour of treatment with a Speech Therapist. This can include informal, formal assessment, and therapy depending on what is clinically required and to meet your specific requirements.

You will then be offered therapy appointments for regular treatment as recommended, which will always be discussed with you as well.  

Please get in touch if you would like more information or to book an initial consultation.

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