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We tailor our therapy plans to target the development of the client's weaknesses whilst recognising and utilising their strengths. 

For children, therapy programs are delivered through games, interactive communicative routines, play and activities that specifically motivate your child. Therapy will allow development of new speech, language and communication skills in a fun and memorable way

Individualised Therapy Plans


Specialist Intervention for Children

Specialist Intervention for Adults

We can provide assessment and specialist intervention for children of all ages and those with EHCP’s.

We are able to offer services for a number of different reasons and our therapists are trained to provide the following therapy tools and approaches

  • PROMPT Therapy

  • Lidcomeb

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  • Hanen

  • DIR / Floortime

  • Palin PCI


  • Social Thinking

  • PECS

  • Word Aware

  • Talking Mats

  • Elkan

We are trained to use a range of tools and approaches to ensure that therapy is bespoke and specific so that you can achieve the best result for example,

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  • PROMPT for motor speech and articulation 

  • Social Thinking

  • Fluency modification and fluency enhancing techniques


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Clinic Locations

London Clinic:

3D Hillgate Place

18-20 Balham Hill Rd

SW12 9ER

SpeechTherapy South London

Surrey Clinic:

4 Chestnut Suite,

Guardian House, Borough RD


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