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We provide therapy in a range of different settings such as at your homes, schools, online, or in the clinic.


You can also enquire about our late afternoon / early evening and weekend services if you require a different time. 


Please call for more details on fees, which are in line with ASLTIP guidance and other speech therapists in private practice. All fees will be discussed and agreed in advance.


Treatment cost

Initial consultation is the first hour of therapy


Therapy sessions 


30 minutes

45 minutes

60 minutes


Travel cost

Is either based upon milage or time travelled.



We offer reports which are in addition to the initial consultation. These can be provided based on your specific requirement. 


Standard 1-2 page report

Detailed 3-5 page report

EHCP report

Tribunal report



Attendance to support EHCP appeals or as an expert witness will be quoted for upon request.



Your customer service experience is very important to us. 


If you have a complaint, then please do ask about our complaints procedure. We value your feedback and want to ensure that you feel listened to and comfortable to express your experience. 

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