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Fun games, activities, and group work to develop your child's social communication and language skills.

Morning and afternoon sessions grouped
according to age. 


Week 1:  Social Communication, August 5--9th 2024

Week 2: Language Skills, August 12 -16th 2024

9-12pm is for 3-5 yr olds

1-4pm is for 6-8 yr olds

£500 for 1 week of camp.
10% sibling discount

Call 07951 228557

Or email


Curriculum Summary:

Our therapy curriculum focuses on two key areas: language skills and social communication skills. Through targeted interventions and evidence-based techniques, we aim to support individuals in developing their communication abilities and fostering positive social interactions. 


Language skills week:

During this week of camp, we will address various aspects, including but not limited to: 

  • Vocabulary expansion: Engaging activities and strategies are employed to enhance word knowledge, categorisation, and contextual usage 

  • Sentence structure and grammar: We work on improving sentence formation, understanding grammatical rules, and expanding language complexity

  • Narrative skills: We foster storytelling abilities, including narrative organisation, sequencing, and comprehension

  • Pragmatic language: Developing social language skills such as turn-taking, initiating and maintaining conversations, and understanding non-verbal cues. 


Social communication skills week:

During this camp, your child will enhance their ability to interact effectively and confidently in social contexts. Some key areas of focus include:

  • Conversational skills: Teaching appropriate conversation starters, active listening, and maintaining conversational flow.

  • Non-verbal communication: Recognising and interpreting body language, facial expressions, and gestures

  • Perspective-taking and empathy: Developing skills to understand others' thoughts, feelings, and intentions, promoting empathy and building meaningful connections

  • Social problem-solving: Equipping individuals with strategies to navigate social conflicts, negotiate, and resolve issues collaboratively. 


We believe that these group-based interventions provide valuable opportunities for participants to learn from one another, practice skills in real-life scenarios, and receive peer support. Our Summer Camp will be held at The Weir Link, SW12 0NU.

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Call 07951 228557

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