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Award winning Speech Therapy for adults and children based in South London and Surrey

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Surrey & London


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SpeechTherapy South London

Welcome to Speech Therapy in Surrey and London

We offer the highest quality speech & language services for both adults and children.


We are here to help you reach your's or your child’s full potential for communication. Your speech, language and communication skills will be developed in a positive, safe and fun way, using a holistic approach.

Speech Therapy South London is led by Rosemary Nicholson, with a team of specialist therapists.

Rosemary Nicholson started Speech Therapy South London in 2014. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a speech therapist, following completion of her Master’s Degree in the USA.


Her team works with both children and adults to provide both PROMPT Speech Therapy (a flexible and dynamic therapy for a wide variety of communication, language and speech difficulties) and Myofunctional Therapy to support the function and structure of facial muscles that can interfere with speech, breathing, growth, and development.


It is important to work preventatively, reducing risk of cognitive difficulties, improving attention and concentration, and supporting emotional and behavioural regulation as well as speech and stammering.


What our clients say

I was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules in May 2015.  Whilst not life threatening in itself, it was causing me significant stress and discomfort.  I was having to strain my voice to be heard which caused me to be tired a lot of the time as well as frustrated.  I have two young children who were also being affected by my difficulty in speaking. I saw Rosie soon after and she was able to provide me with further detail of my condition which had not been explained by my doctor.  I felt it was very beneficial to me to share my issue with a specialist in this field who could precisely answer my detailed questions.  Rosie provided me with a series of exercises along with a programme of targets which have greatly helped my recovery.  I found Rosie very professional but caring at the same time.

Mrs Millar


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07951 228557

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Clinic Locations

London Clinic:

3D Hillgate Place

18-20 Balham Hill Rd

SW12 9ER

SpeechTherapy South London

Surrey Clinic:

4 Chestnut Suite,

Guardian House, Borough RD,


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